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Multi-Family & Commercial Property Managers In Dover Greatly Benefit From Roof Rejuvenation Over Roof Replacement

If you're a property manager or commercial building owner in Dover, multi-family and commercial roof rejuvenation isn't more than a phone call away when you choose K2 Roof Rejuvenation LLC. We provide roof rejuvenation services through the use of Greener Shingles to give your rooftop longer-lasting durability as well as resistance to water and fire. Perhaps the best benefit of this service is that it reverses the effects of aging, which can often lower the lifespan and appeal of your roof.

Greener Shingles is a bio-based, soybean oil solution that is sprayed directly onto shingles where it absorbs into the surface, working on every single layer to restore shingle strength and flexibility for up to five years. Roof replacements, while common, are incredibly pricey and extensive projects, especially for apartment complexes, condos, and commercial structures alike. They can take a few days to complete and will have you spending thousands of dollars on labor, materials, and more. Why choose expensive roof replacements when multi-family and commercial roof rejuvenation is available through Greener Shingles with K2 Roof Rejuvenation LLC? We can provide you with a professional roof inspection to make sure your roof is eligible for our treatment and get started right away!

Roof Rejuvenation Can Be Completed Much Faster & For Significantly Less Cost When Compared To Roof Replacement

If you've ever had a roof replacement, you know just how stressful and costly such a service can be. From the thousands of dollars needed to pay workers for labor and purchase materials to the hours of nail gun noises and tearing up shingles from your rooftop, re-roofing can seem like more of a hassle than anything else. That's why multi-family and commercial roof rejuvenation in Dover with Greener Shingles is the best choice for you as a property manager to make! Even if your structure is larger than a single-family home, you'll still be paying far less for roof rejuvenation than you would for a roof replacement. Our Greener Shingles spray treatment takes only a short time to apply and absorbs quickly into your shingles, making roof rejuvenation for Dover easier and cheaper than re-roofing by a mile.

Extend Shingle Lifespans & Maximize Your Current Property Roof Structure

Roof rejuvenation with Greener Shingles will strengthen and safeguard your existing shingles instead of costing you time and money to have them replaced. While most shingle roofs are supposed to last 20-30 years, they don't always meet that standard, especially if your building endures lots of harsh weather. When shingles are installed, the asphalt has natural oils that protect and strengthen the material, but as time passes, those oils fade. Greener Shingles is an eco-friendly product that replaces those lost oils and gives your shingles new life so they can last longer and provide more value for your commercial or large residential unit. Multi-family and commercial roof rejuvenation is easy when you call on the team at K2 Roof Rejuvenation LLC for a Greener Shingles treatment.

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