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Frequently Asked Roof Rejuvenation Questions - Answered By Dover Pros

If you've never heard about roof rejuvenation before, you might have a few questions. Luckily, K2 Roof Rejuvenation LLC is the team you can trust for the information you need. We are the number one team providing roof rejuvenation for Dover, and our team knows everything there is to know about roof rejuvenation. Keep reading to learn more about these innovative services!

Why Is This Process Better Than A Roof Replacement?

A roof replacement is an invasive and extensive, and often costly, service to perform. Depending on the condition of your roof, a replacement might be inevitable, but if you can skirt around a replacement, our roof rejuvenation services are your best bet! Roof rejuvenation is a far more affordable service and only takes a few hours, giving you results on the same day. Save yourself the stress of spending thousands of dollars on a roof replacement by opting for roof rejuvenation services.

How Does The Asphalt Shingle Rejuvenation Process Work?

The Greener Shingles products we use at K2 Roof Rejuvenation LLC are a special formula made up of soybean oil and additives that mix with water and help the product absorb fully into your shingles. Greener Shingles replaces the lost oils in your shingles and gives them the reconditioning they need to perform and function properly. The flexibility, adhesion, and durability of your shingles will be significantly improved, and things like roof maintenance and repairs will be much easier.

Are There Specific Weather Conditions That You Need To Complete My Roof Rejuvenation?

Here at K2 Roof Rejuvenation LLC, we recommend the outdoor temperatures to be between 39-41 degrees or 4 to 5 degrees above freezing. It's also important that no rain is in the forecast for at least 45 minutes.

Does Greener Shinglers Stop Moss & Algae Growth On My Roof?

Yes! Your rooftop will be protected from the growth of moss and algae after a Greener Shingles treatment. However, we suggest having your roof clean beforehand. Any growths left behind will be smothered and killed.

Will This Process Change The Color Of My Shingles?​

After your first treatment, your shingles will darken-- almost to the same shade as when they were brand new. It will lighten up within the first few months as the surface oils fade. In a few years' time, your roof will look the same as it did the day it was treated.

How Is Greener Shingles Different From Other Roof Sealants Or Treatments?

Our Greener Shingles formula is an innovative product that doesn't fall under the category of sealants. Sealants coat the shingle and can prevent future damage, but only work on the surface of the shingle itself. Our products penetrate your shingles, repair existing damages, and work at every single layer to restore, rebuild, and recondition them. No sealant on the market can do what our Greener Shingles treatment can do!

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