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Greener Shingles: Roof Rejuvenation As An Alternative To Traditional Re-Roofing

Are you looking for an alternative to roof replacements in Dover? If so, give our team at K2 Roof Rejuvenation LLC a call and opt for Greener Shingles. Greener Shingles is an alternative to re-roofing and roof replacement that is cheaper, less invasive, and takes only a day to complete. We are the number one source of roof rejuvenation for Dover, and we're proud that home and business owners alike can enjoy and benefit from our services and products.

If the shingles on your Dover rooftop are starting to lose granules or their color looks uneven, you could be eligible for our Greener Shingles products. With this treatment for your roof, things like roof inspections, gutter inspections, and maintenance and repairs are much easier to perform, and we'll even take care of them before the service to ensure your roof is in its best shape possible. Roofing coated with Greener Shingles lasts longer, looks more appealing, and functions better than roofing without it. It's totally eco-friendly and safe for use around pets and people and easily washes off with water before drying. Perhaps the best part about Greener Shingles is our guaranteed five-year warranty, covering shingle durability and flexibility. You're certain to enjoy long-lasting results from our services for at least five years, and if not, we'll take care of the re-spray to resolve application issues.

When you want an affordable alternative to re-roofing that will make having a like-new roof easy and straightforward, all you have to do is call K2 Roof Rejuvenation LLC In Dover. Our team is dedicated to providing you with the best services in town with one goal in mind: giving you a stronger, more beautiful roof.

Benefits & Savings

The benefits & savings that come along with Greener Shingles are more that can be expressed! You'll find yourself saving time, money, and stress when you opt for this product over roof replacements.

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Lab Testing

After years of success in the asphalt paving industry, Greener Shingles has been further developed and tested in labs for use to treat asphalt shingles. After being lab-tested by roofing experts in the last few years, it has been shown in testing that it provides a myriad of benefits to asphalt shingles and rooftops.

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Field Testing

After success in the lab, of course, the next place to test is out in the field! Thousands of homes in the US have experienced the advantages of Greener Shingles, and we can't wait to add you to the list of satisfied customers.

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Want to know more about our innovative roof rejuvenation products? Check out our frequently asked questions about Greener Shingles and learn the details!

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Multi-Family & Commercial

Greener Shingles isn't only for single-family residential homes in Dover. We also provide this product for commercial buildings and multi-family units like condos, apartment complexes, and more.

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